About this Specialisation

This certified course is composed of the 3 levels; Understand Basic Driver’s Competencies, Understand Your Vehicle and Advanced Driver's Competencies.

By enrolling on this course the participant has the advantage of completing all 3 levels with the bonus of cost savings than taking the individual courses.


By the end of the training, you will be able to:

·      To describe role and responsibility of a driver working in normal traffic conditions;

·      To prepare vehicle and its occupants for a journey;

·       To identify your vehicle;

·      To check and maintain your vehicle for a safe journey;

·       To define how to drive safely and responsibly in normal traffic conditions

·       To explain the principle of driving safely and responsibly in off-road conditions;

·       To describe how to use safely the recovery gear, accessories under off road conditions;

·       To review and adjust driving behaviour over lifetime.

Target Audience

This training is specifically designed for drivers that have driving experience of any type of vehicle (sedan – 4x4 – trucks). Principles that will be developed in this course can be applied to any drivers. Recommendations are based on professional skills a driver should have working in the aid sector.

3-in-1 Specialisation!

By taking all 3 Driver Competency Courses, upon passing all modules, the participant will receive a TGS approved certified theoretical driver competency course!

What are you waiting for? Get those skills and apply what you've learnt in your day to day activities.

Drive Safely!

Q&A live sessions

Q&A 1 hour live sessions lead by TGS Experts are done using Teams. They are online open discussions based on topics and questions raised by the participants. They are an opportunity to:

• clarify or explore further points that were raised during the online training (discussion supported by online visuals, as needed);

  • ask technical questions trainees may have in relations to their own situation;
  • ensure important messages and points are well understood;
  • insist on the next steps and the implementation of the learning (choose 3 things you want to implement right now).

“As a driver, I don't have enough time to take a face to face course, so the online training suits me a lot”.


"What I like so much, is that I have had the opportunity to grow professionally and improve my performance. This way, I can give the best of myself to Unicef".


 "I spent every day on the road and i saw a lot of things, that i don't consider but this course helped me to consider every movement on the road".


Receive your Certificate

Upon completing the training, your electronic Certificate will be added to your Personal page - from there, you can print your Certificate or add it to your LinkedIn profile, on printed resumes, CVs, or other documents.

Offered by Toyota Gibraltar Stockholdings

Based in Gibraltar, TGS is the stocking arm of Toyota's Direct Sales Scheme set up for use by the UN, GO and NGOs for their projects in developing countries. As a result customers benefit from Direct Sales Scheme pricing, official Toyota warranty and the delivery of the vehicles suitable to the country of destination.

TGS provides driver training, basic maintenance, fleet and workshop management, to ensure that your fleet is run safely and efficiently.

3-Training Specialisation - Fees