What is Driver’s Seat?

The Driver’s Seat was born from a belief that drivers are the solution, not the problem. The solution for a structural reduction of road crash fatalities and injuries, a solution to reduce CO2 emissions and other air pollutants that are associated with road transport and a solution for an efficient, effective and high performing fleet. 


Fleet Forum understands that for many drivers, transport demand has reduced significantly due to Coronavirus and travel restrictions. While these are unprecedented circumstances, you can seize this time to invest in your skills. Therefore, we bring you Driver’s Seat, the “School”.

Be in Control of Your Development

Driver’s Seat, the School, is an online training platform where as a driver, you can choose from a range of trainings, from the best training companies.  

All our trainings can be taken anywhere, anytime, at very affordable rates. You can boost your CV and enhance you career opportunities by investing in yourself. 

Empower Your Drivers 

As an organisation, Driver’s Seat, the School can bring you a wealth of benefits. Building the knowledge and skills of drivers can result in significant benefits for your organisation, from reduction infleet-related costs and crashes rates to improvement in programme delivery and reduction in vehicle emissions.

Why spend money and put your drivers through the same training, when you can design a tailor-made training program for your drivers, picking the trainings that are appropriate for their individual learning needs. 


In 2018, Fleet Forum launched a “smart solution” project whose purpose was to enable A&D agencies to prevent road traffic crashes. Supported by the UPS Foundation, the project invited app developers and A&D agencies to help develop the ideal Road Safety Performance App and supporting management tools. About 450 people, including 183 drivers from 18 organisations in 17 countries, provided input on requirements then piloted three apps. The results were dramatic. 

Fleet managers noticed that observing their performance on the app motivated drivers to improve. Initially, they thought we were trying to police and discipline them.... Once they understood the app is there to help them, they were ok. 

The results clearly showed that apps help to encourage greater focus on road safety. “When we see speeding incidents, we now talk to the drivers and we coach them every time they come back from a trip,” said one manager. After piloting the app, one driver said: “I am enjoying my profession more.” 

Fleet Forum partnered with Globaltrack to develop Developing a Driver Behaviour Platform, including an independent driver behaviour app and a reporting and analysis tool that will provide users with an integrated, global view of their drivers’ performance, and help them to identify where interventions and reward and recognition schemes could be most effective. 

The result: Driver’s Seat, the app that puts the driver in control.