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Did you Know that an average modern vehicle produces about 6 tons of carbon dioxide every year, now imagine how many vehicles there are worldwide?

Over the course of a year a fleet can save considerable amounts of fuel through eco-driving. As a driver, you can reduce petrol consumption, on average, by between 15% and 18%.

A vehicle travelling 3 000 km per month (at 10L/100km) can save South African Rand 5 000 (USD $285) each a year. When you multiply this by a fleet of 100 this results in a cost-saving of almost half a million Rand per year (USD $28500) In HGVs this can exceed USD $5700 in savings.

There are also peripheral costs associated with eco-driving in the running of a fleet. Eco-drivers tend to be safer drivers. As eco-driving is a core part of defensive driver training, you improve your driving techniques, resulting in a reduction in costly, and often, tragic, crashes.

As the world becomes increasingly aware of our impact on the environment, doing your part to reduce your footprint on the environment is essential. Reduced fuel consumption automatically reduces your carbon footprint. A mere saving of 3 litres/100 km will, on average, save 1 tonne of CO2

The training consists of 8 gears (modules) which consist of a video clip, slide show, a quiz and a task. We recommend doing 1 gear per day. Each gear will take 5 to 10 minutes with the final gear taking 15 minutes.

“I liked the skills and knowledge taught of driving in a way that makes a person
reduce both fuel consumption and carbon footprint produced”

- MSF Tanzania Driver

What you will learn:

Fuel efficient & safe driving

Environmental impact/footprint

Vehicle impact on the environment

Maintenance & driving style

Offered by MasterDrive

MasterDrive is a results-driven, driver training organisation that engages with and assists companies in managing driver risk interventions.

The company was established in 1999 and became part of the RAC Group (established in 1997) some 9 years later – in 2008 – and has expanded its field of operation to cover the African continent with dedicated branches in SA’s three main centres.

To that end MasterDrive has a dedicated team of professional, internationally accredited instructors who deliver training on a range of programs that encompass the full spectrum of vehicles – from motorbikes to cars to busses and trucks.

MasterDrive have trained, just short of 100,000 people over the past 5 years.

Meet Derek, your trainer.

Hi, I Started my career as a K53 driving instructor for vehicles and motorcycles. After owning my own company for 15 years I then started as an advanced driving instructor at VW driving academy of SA. This was the start of my career in the advanced driving industry.

I later moved onto MasterDrive were I obtained further qualifications in all the driving fields as well as crash investigation.

What do participants say

We at the Road Ethics Project are all about shifting paradigms and instilling Vision Zero thinking about road safety. The sad fact is that most people driving vehicles – whether light private cars or heavy trucks and buses – face a risk of killing themselves and other people on the roads. 

Few drivers properly understand common crash risks, let alone what can be done to reduce these. MasterDrive’s training makes a huge contribution by empowering drivers to be ethically responsible, part of the solution rather than part of South Africa’s road safety problem. 

 Swedish philosopher Elvebakk points out that the road traffic system is so dangerous that only “highly constructed human beings” should become drivers, and MasterDrive’s approach really helps with this kind of human development. All organisations which have employees who spend time on the roads – and which organisation doesn’t?! – should act on their ethical duties by investing in defensive driver training.

Dr Lee Randall

Training fees for Eco-Driving