About this specialisation

When your drivers are exhausted or drowsy, they are less ready to react rapidly to changes in the their current circumstance and they are additionally less inclined to see things that may represent a danger. How many people can say that every night they get the recommended hours of sleep?

The effects of fatigue are comparable to being over the drink driving limit for alcohol. Fatigue can cause crashes, physical and mental health problems. It can affect people’s lives and livelihoods.

However, when driving is a job, fatigue isn’t just a major risk for the individual. It impacts the safety of passengers, other road users, the employing organisation and the wider community.

This is a big responsibility, and your drivers have a duty to take reasonable care of their health and safety at work. In this training, they will learn about fatigue how to self-identify and manage the signs of fatigue as responsible managers of their fatigue and alertness

Target audience

This training is specifically designed for drivers of any type of vehicle (sedan – 4x4 – trucks). No prior knowledge of fatigue is required to attend this training.

What will your drivers learn?

By the end of this specialisation, they will have the knowledge to:

  1. Recognise the physiological and psychological effects and impact of fatigue;
  2. Understand their role as a driver and the actions they can take to manage the risk of fatigue;
  3. Adjust their sleeping, eating, drinking and driving habits to avoid and minimise fatigue;
  4. Undertake road transport journeys with the goal of arriving safely;
  5. Have a conversation with their manager when they are fatigued.

Offered by Mainspring

Resourcing Solutions

Mainspring Resourcing delivers comprehensive outsourced solutions, including HR and staffing services, using technology to support your greatest asset, thus enabling you to focus on core business activities. Mainspring is a Fleet Forum member and offers fatigue management services to help their clients manage fatigue in the workplace.

This specialisation has been designed by Dr Potter who is the pre-eminent specialist in Fatigue Risk Management, Chronobiology, Shift scheduling and nutritional evaluations in South Africa. He has developed fatigue and nutritional programs for numerous companies in Brazil, UK, USA and South Africa. He was the primary consultant for the development of Africa’s first Fatigue Centre. 

What will they get if 

this training is purchased?

When this training is purchased, your drivers will get access to:

  • Downloadable training materials
  • 1-year access to the Training Portal

Upon completing the training, an electronic Certificate of Participation will be added to their personal page - from there, they can print the certificate or add it to their LinkedIn profile, to printed resumes, CVs, or other documents.

Q&A with Mainspring

When you purchase this training for 10 drivers or more, your drivers will have a personalised group 60-minute Q&A session with Mainspring. This is an online open discussions based on topics and questions raised by the participants. They are an opportunity to:

  • clarify or explore further points that were raised during the online training (discussion supported by online visuals, as needed);
  • ask questions trainees may have in relations to their own fatigue situation;
  • ensure important messages and points are well understood;
  • insist on the next steps and the implementation of the learning.

At the end of the session, you will be ready to implement actions to reduce your fatigue.